Cirno Bead Art

I recently got the idea to start creating bead art to pass time and calm down a bit after work, and I thought I’d share what I make here on my blog.

This one I didn’t really make now, but I did it at Dreamhack last summer. However, obviously I should put it here as well!

The story about this one is that I was working security at Dreamhack Summer 2015 together with a friend, and we were allowed to do everything when we weren’t on our shifts. There was this activity corner where people could create bead art. Having about 3 hours until our shift, me and my friend decided to give it a go, and obviously I wanted to do something Touhou-related, and I found this Cirno that were pixelated, perfect! However, it was so big that I didn’t manage to finish it in time for our shift. I asked if I could come back after my shift ended at 1am, but since it was the last day they told me they’ll pack everything down by 8pm. Feeling down, I went to my shift, leaving Cirno unfinished on the table. Luckily, about 1.5 hours into the shift we had a small 50 minute break where me and my friend rushed back to complete the Cirno.