Canon EOS 1100D

I’ve always liked to take pictures but I only had a digital camera that took worse pictures than my old Samsung Galaxy S2 and my new S4. One thing that I hate is crappy image quality. A phone camera is okay if you want to take a couple of pictures of something interesting you found in your everyday life, as it might be cumbersome to always bring a bigger camera. But when traveling you might want something to take better pictures in mind. Even thought you can get decent pictures from a phone camera in the right conditions, I didn’t trust my S4 to take memorable pictures on my trip to Canada, because knowing myself I would get annoyed by blurry images in the future (thinking back to when I used my mothers rather meh 3mp digital camera on a vacation some 6 years ago when the camera just wouldn’t take a picture of an interesting sign I wanted to save).

I’ve been thinking for a while about getting a dslr but haven’t due to them being quite expensive and it would probably just sit on a shelf anyway. But then my mother mentioned she saw a discounted Canon EOS 1100D at a store. Seemed like a good deal so I went to check up some reviews on it. I figured it’s a good dslr for beginners like me that finds taking pictures fun but may not spend very much time taking pictures. The price makes it a rather good purchase for taking pictures on a vacation.

I haven’t used a dslr before buying this one so I’m still learning a lot of new stuff but so far I’m pretty happy with my purchase. Here’s some pictures I took right after the purchase.