Mini Bead Flandre Scarlet

A weekend about a month ago I went to the local hobby store to buy some more bags of Hama beads, the glow-in-the-dark ones to be precise, in case I would find something interesting to do with them.

Turns out the store had a 25% discount on everything that weekend. Nice I thought, sadly it isn’t very useful for me since 3 bags of beads is quite cheap so the savings wouldn’t be very much. When I was in the bead section, I noticed they now stock Hama mini beads in various colors. Hama mini beads are half the size of regular beads (2.5mm instead of 5mm), meaning one could make higher resolution bead art without having them taking up a very large space (and would obviously look better at close range). In the end, I bought all of the mini bead colors they had, and various Hama Midi colors that I didn’t have yet. It got pretty expensive but I did a really nice saving after all.

The store only had about half of the colors Hama makes, and I wanted all colors for more freedom, so I had to order the rest directly from the Hama web shop, which includes a pretty expensive shipping fee (could get 7 bags of Hama Midi beads at the local store for the cost of shipping).

The first project I made was a design of Flandre Scarlet I found. It was quite a lot of work to get all the beads at the right places, and ironing was really hard since not all beads would melt properly and it would fall apart a bit, but I guess I need more practice.

The source of the bead design I used was by MagicPearls.