One-click copy paste

Previously I’ve created an AutoIt script to enable one-click copy paste but unfortunately I lost it in my old blog. By request I’ve created a new, and in my opinion even better than the previous one.


To use it, simply select some text, press the hotkey and press the hotkey again to start pasting. By default, the hotkey is F4. Below is the source (I leave it up to you to install AutoIt).

Save this as an .au3 file and you should be able to run it by double-clicking on it (a good idea is to drop it in the auto-start folder if you don’t want to start it manually each time you start). It is possible to compile the .au3 file to a standalone executable that doesn’t require AutoIt to be installed, I haven’t done so as anti-virus and anti-spyware generally blocks it and you’d have to jump trough hoops to enable it.


Here is a direct download for the .au3 file if you don’t want to copy/paste the source code above.

Download “One-click copy paste” OneClickCopyPaste.au3 – Downloaded 1654 times – 1 KB

  • Зулаа Зул

    hi. it is very nice. how to change “/” instead of F4. it is important me.

    • galaxyAbstractor

      On line #16, change “$hotkey = “{F4}” ; Change to fit your needs” to “$hotkey = “{/}” ; Change to fit your needs”.

      Remember that you wont be able to use the / character at all if you do this, though

      • Зулаа Зул

        thank you very much. I found numbers keyboard with Tab and to use Tab button to copypaste.

  • Joseph Abboud

    awesome how you learn to write a script any recommendation

  • Joseph Abboud

    is it possible to to copy past directly to an open word file ?

  • sabir habib

    thanks alot… 🙂 you solved my problem……

  • sp

    Can’t seem to get it to paste unless I delete first. I think because I’m going from Excel to QuickBooks. QB is weird sometimes. Wish I could figure out how to use two keys instead of one. I think for some reason that would help.

    • fem.fatale

      Yay! I figured it out. Sometimes I’m a little slow (maybe all the time) 🙂

  • Dinu Eftodi

    Hi! How to put Left CTRL instead of F4?? If i change F4 with CTRL it doesn’t work.