About me

Hello! I’m galaxyAbstractor! I’m a 20 years old guy from Sweden. I’m currently studying web development – programming at University of Skövde and I plan taking my exam by 2014. I like to code, both for the web, desktop and Android (but I don’t like to design because I’m not good at design). I know a variety of programming languages but my portfolio of stuff done isn’t that large yet. I also like to surf a lot and spend a lot of time on various sites.

On my free time I play games with my friends, mainly League of Legends (on eune). I don’t play to win but to play for fun and casually with my friends. I also play other games from time to time like Guild Wars 2 or whatever comes in mind.

I like anime, manga and Japanese culture. I’m trying to learn Japanese whenever I can but I progress really slowly with it. I also like Vocaloid and I’m a bit interested in touhou. I help Commie with software stuff, like automation of various things and to make the fansubbing process easier (I hope).

I’m active in the Swedish Pirate Party and I am Second Lead for the local Pirate Party in my town as well as secretary in the youth branch in my town. I believe strongly in an open and free Internet where everyone can participate without government and corporations censoring access. I believe in free speech and free access to culture and knowledge.

  • Crenox

    I like how this turned out, nice galaxy.

    – Crenox

    • galaxyAbstractor

      I’m unsure what you are refering to, but thanks anyway :>

  • Brian

    Dear galaxyAbstractor,

    On this post https://community.x10hosting.com/threads/ssl-tls-manager-in-cpanel.101489/

    you mentioned that SSL on free x10hosting. How could I do that on my site? http://vox.x10hosting.com/~likewall/


  • th

    Could you re-up one-click-copypaste! Thank you for coding and provding it! th.

    • galaxyAbstractor

      Unfortunately I’ve lost the sources but I can rewrite it as it didn’t take long to make. I’m currently busy though so I can’t do it right away, but I’ll make another reply here when it’s done.